Ten Thousand™ was created to inspire current and future generations to live a life less ordinary → Your story, your way. 

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July 2024

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Win $10k each month

Ten Thousand™ gives athletes and creators in 10 separate sports categories the opportunity to win USD10k each month. (USD100k total)

Win $1m each year

Every 12 months, one athlete or creator will be selected by Ten Thousand™ (from the 120 people
that won USD10k)
to win USD1m. 

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Ten Thousand™ supports and promotes creative and athletic excellence → we inspire current and future generations to live a life less ordinary.

Ten Thousand™
Public Launch → July '24

The Ten Thousand™ digital platform is designed to empower individuals to live a life less ordinary, and on their own terms. Whether you are an athlete, creator, or part of the next generation ready to make your mark, we invite you to share your unique story and embark on your journey of self-expression and excellence.

We believe it is time to shift the paradigm and take control away from the tech monopolies (yeah you know who they are), and empower the athletes and creators that work tirelessly providing the only content worth watching for little to no reward. We put athletes and creators first, with incentives and financial rewards unlike any other platform. Ten Thousand™ is, and always will be → Athlete + Creator Made, Athlete + Creator Owned.

So if you strive for personal growth, have goals you want to achieve, express yourself authentically, and believe that new adventures and inspiration can be found in every corner of the world. Then the Ten Thousand™ tribe is your tribe.

Together, we will create a world where everyone is motivated to live a life less ordinary.

Ten Thousand™ → Your Story, Your Way.

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Wether its $10k or $1m → there’s this, and many more ways to get paid with the
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Got Questions?

Yes! Ten Thousand™ offers the opportunity for athletes and creatives in 10 separate sporting categories to win USD10k per category every month.

The competition format is digital in nature, and based on the content produced, uploaded and shared on the Ten Thousand™ platform by both athletes and creatives.

The winners are selected through audience (viewers) votes, as well as an expert panel vote. The panel will consist of the Ten Thousand™ team, past world champions, as well as founders and leaders from the world’s top sporting and lifestyle brands.

To be eligible for the USD1m prize, you must first win one of the monthly USD10k prizes.

Once you’ve become eligible your content will go up against the other athlete and creators content (120 people in total).

The winner will be selected through audience (viewers) votes, as well as an expert panel vote.

Remember that all your content from the 12 month period is judged for the USD1m prize – so we want to see engaging, personalised, premium, and relevant content that expresses you and your unique story.

Everyone can use Ten Thousand™ 🙂

However to upload content → you will need to be an athlete or creator.

This doesn’t mean you need to be professional, because Ten Thousand™ is all about supporting the next generation as much as the current one.

Ten Thousand™ is →
Athlete + Creator Made,
Athlete + Creator Owned.

We believe (as do the stats) that content quality, and engagement has dropped significantly across all social, media, and entertainment platforms globally.

And to be frank → we believe this is largely due to the endless stream of uploaded content from everyone and anyone, regardless of their capabilities, and/or skill level. So we aren’t interested in ‘influencers’ or their narrative…

We are here to support and inspire athletes and creatives to perform and produce the best content they can, and give them the direct financial upside they deserve. 

In simple terms Ten Thousand exists as a platform for athletes and creators to produce the best and most engaging content, get incentivised to do so, and in turn inspire, motivate viewers to live a life less ordinary.

Ten Thousand™ is a groundbreaking platform that supports and promotes the vision of creative and athletic excellence.

Ten Thousand™ gives people a new and better way to watch, experience and engage with unique, premium, and personalized media – created by the world’s leading (and upcoming) athletes and creatives alike.

Our goal is to inspire current and future generations to live a life less ordinary →

Your story, your way.


Like we said → Ten Thousand™ is athlete + creator made, athlete + creator owned. So in keeping with this spirit we offer winners of both the USD10K prizes, or the USD1m prizes the option of taking their winnings in either cash or equity. The upside of equity is that as the value of Ten Thousand™ grows so does your equity.

We are here to create seriously positive, and life changing impact on peoples lives, and this is just another way we believe we can do it.